Sunday, June 13, 2010

KG Tris #66: 6/13/10 - Oliver Half Iron 2010 Race Report

Welcome to Episode #66 of the Kelownagurl Tris Podcast!

In this episode, I give you a the race report for the Oliver Half Iron I did on June 6th and give a mini report on my 5k race the following Sunday.

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"The Hard Way Every Time" by Jim Croce

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1 comment:

The Noonans said...


So, first, great job finishing your first half iroman!! Well done!

Second, thanks for podcasting. I really enjoy listening every week, and have been since you started. I found your podcast as I was starting on my triathlon journey -- or should I say triathlon lifestyle.

Last year was my first season that I actualy raced (trained the year before that) - and I jumped in with both feet. Did 10 tris, two of them Olympic. Guess you could say I got the bug, and I love it!!

This year I did my first half ironman (Eagleman 70.3), which was a week after your 70.3. Listening to your podcast during your training was so cool, because we were going through the same things. Loved that you waited that extra week to post your race report, because I was able to listen to it after I had finished Eagleman. As I listened I just kept thinking, "I so get that."

So, Barb, when are we going to tacke the full Ironman? ;)

I'm 43, and my goal is to qualify for Kona by the time I'm 65.

Keep up the awesome podcast.

A listener from New York (I'd say you could add NY to your list, but I know there are several of us, so it's probably already on there.)