Sunday, September 20, 2009

KG Tris #36: 9/20/09 - Continuing the Running Saga

Welcome to Episode #36 of the Kelownagurl Tris Podcast!

In this episode, I talk about school, and my ongoing troubles with my running.

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Things I talk about in this episode:

Okanagan Health and Performance

Okanagan International Marathon (flat and fast!)

My voice mail line! 1-206-202-1493

The KG Tris Buckeye Team for September! Thanks to erin337, IWCharters, jbailey_545, kelvinator, LostTrailRunner, racer_x, and RushRunner

Thank you everyone! :)

Workout Song Clip of the Week:

"With My Own Two Hands" By Jack Johnson and Ben Harper

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