Sunday, May 10, 2009

KG Tris #20: 5/10/09 - Kelownaguy Dus

Welcome to Episode #20 of the Kelownagurl Tris Podcast!

In this episode, I talk about my crash training week, and we go to Erik's first duathlon!

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Things I talk about in this episode:

Bare Bones Duathlon

The Buckeye Challenge - "There can Be Only One - Round Two" Podcaster Challenge

The new KG Tris team for May - 4Miler, Austinslide, bhop7, Chatterbox, Erin337, IWCharters, jenrunsaz, jfaye, Keeponrunning, Kelownaguy, LIrunner9, losttrailrunner of the "Lost Trail Runner Podcast, Lybbe, msquadrathon, Neumen of "The Neumen Show", paulakeo, quadrathon of the "Quadrathon Podcast", runningaz, Rushrunner, Smellycents, Shootruntri (Stubborntriathlete), Solorunner, tradshad, Traintriathlon, triwithms, and Trytotri

New additions this week - nln, smur38, and triskele!

Thank you everyone! :)

Workout Song Clip of the Week:

"We are the Champions" By Queen

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