Sunday, June 21, 2009

KG Tris #26: 6/21/98 - 5k Race and Trail Running

Welcome to Episode #26 of the Kelownagurl Tris Podcast!

In this episode, I talk about running with my daughter on her first 5k race, school/work, my body composition analysis, my first two trail runs, and the book recommended by Quadrathon - "Running Within."

Click here to download an mp3 of this episode.

Things I talk about in this episode:

"Running Within" by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott

Kelowna Women's Run - See pics below

Trail Running - See pics below

Race Reports, Emails, and Congrats!

Voicemail from:

Stuart from the Quadrathon Podcast

Lybbe from Fifty Counting Down Podcast

Race Reports from:

• Maryro from Essex, England
• Megan from Utah
• Jo from New Jersey
• BigPapaQ from

Good luck on Sunday:

Lone Wolf Runner - First Triathlon!

Erin337 - Victoria Half Iron!

The KG Tris Buckeye team for June - 4Miler, Chatterbox, IWCharters, jbailey_545, jfaye, Lybbe, LostTrailRunner of the "Lost Trail Runner Podcast, Neumen of "The Neumen Show", Rushrunner, sjg712, Smellycents, Stubborntriathlete, and Trytotri

Big thank you to LIrunner9 who is going to help out Adam (Zenrunner) for the rest of the month.

Thank you everyone! :)

Workout Song Clip of the Week:

"I'm On My Way" By the Proclaimers

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Carly got cut off a bit in this picture. I look a bit too tough for my own good...

Trail Run Pictures (cell phone quality)

Thomson Flats

Jack Smith Lake

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Glenn Jones said...

I *love* that Elliott quote. Something *everyone* can take with them everyday of life.

Great pictures!